About Truffles for Breakfast

Truffles for Breakfast is the ongoing story of two ordinary people (Morgen Jahnke and Joe Kissell) who decided to pursue their dream of moving to Paris and earning their living there as writers. (Read more in The Story So Far and our FAQ.) If you’ve ever thought about doing something like that and decided against it because it was just too hard or there were too many obstacles to overcome, we hope our story can offer you a bit of inspiration. Our goal is to chronicle pretty much the entire process of getting here and living here, including our successes, failures, and day-to-day adventures. We invite you to enjoy our experiences vicariously, learn from our mistakes, and devise a plan to live your own dream.

It’s only on a rare occasion that we can actually indulge in something as exotic (and expensive) as truffles in our scrambled eggs. But it’s a simple extravagance, a reminder that less is more and life should be savored. That’s the sort of image our little adventure conjures up for us. We want to focus on the small but important things that make our lives more interesting and fulfilling.

A big part of that, for us, is getting rid of much of the clutter that complicates our lives, both physically and psychologically. Like many people, we’ve spent years accumulating far too much stuff—not only possessions but projects, obligations, email messages…you name it. There comes a point when having more things makes your life harder, not easier. So we’ve had to simplify as much of our lives as we can. Sure, having less stuff to pack, ship, or store made a transatlantic move simpler, but that’s just part of it. We want to have fewer things to worry about so that we have more time and energy to spend on the experiences that are most important to us. That’s why simplification (in numerous senses) is an ongoing theme on this site.

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