May 19, 2008

Sans blague

The French expression for “no kidding” is sans blague (literally, “without joke”). Since blague sounds pretty much like “blog,” it makes for a nice little bilingual pun—bloggers = blagueurs (jokers); hence the name of our friend Meg’s blog, Le Blagueur à Paris.

Anyway, we’ve been sans blog here for a while, sans blague. When I start getting inquiries from readers concerned for our well-being, I know we’ve fallen pretty far behind.

So here’s a quick update.

There are no problems. We are healthy, happy, safe, and solvent. We had a lovely trip to Spain at the end of February, and last month Morgen celebrated her third-of-a-century (33 years and 4 months) birthday. Springtime has been mostly lovely here in Paris, although it’s been kind of blustery this weekend.

Also, we’ve been awfully busy. I’ve had one writing deadline after another for months, and even as I type this I feel incredibly guilty that I’m not instead finishing either of two books that are past due to my editor. I’m feverishly trying to get caught up with a long list of writing and editing projects, because later this month my son Ben is coming from California for a two-week visit, and shortly after he leaves, my mom and my niece will be here for a week. And then, not long after they leave, Morgen and I will be moving to a new apartment in the next arrondissement over. If we’re lucky, we might sneak a bit of a vacation in there somewhere. Which will be nice, because already the fall is filling up with still more projects.

We have had, and continue to have, every intention of getting this blog (and our others, too) back in action. But with so much energy being put into actual income-producing work, there hasn’t been much time or enthusiasm left for recreational blogging recently. With luck, a certain amount of sanity will have returned to our schedule by mid-summer. In the meantime, we’ll post as time permits, and at some point we’ll go back and fill in all the interesting bits of our story that we’ve skipped over. Thanks for thinking of us!

One Response to “Sans blague”

  1. John Baxter said:

    Hi, Joe…I too had been wondering. And thanks for reminding me that I passed by 2/3 century point some time ago (turned 69 last week).

    Cheers! John