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Driver’s License Arrived

February 16th, 2008

I was awakened this morning (that would be, er, yesterday morning, as I’m writing after midnight) by the doorbell, but I only had 30 seconds to be grumpy about it. It was the mail carrier, delivering my French driver’s license (two signatures required for delivery). Back when I passed my road test, I asked my […]

Passed my road test!

January 5th, 2008

Well, I’ll say this much: La Poste is running efficiently this week. It took just 24 hours for the post office to deliver the results of yesterday’s practical driving exam. I passed! In fact, it appears from the notification as though I got a perfect score. Now I just wait to receive the actual license […]

Possibly almost licensed

January 4th, 2008

Having passed the notoriously difficult written portion of the test for my French driver’s license a few weeks ago and spent several further hours behind the wheel with an instructor from the driving school by my side, I was finally able to take my road test this morning. It was nerve-wracking, as I’d anticipated. I […]

New Year’s Update

January 3rd, 2008

Well, I’ve been living in interesting times. Less than a month ago, Morgen and I were wondering whether we were going to have a dull Christmas, since our budget was, shall we say, not conducive to travel (or bringing family members here to Paris). We were, however, looking forward to the week between Christmas and […]

Obtaining the magical Navigo cards

July 23rd, 2007

One of the major items on our to-do list once we arrived in Paris was to acquire some sort of transit pass—not having a car, we knew we’d be relying heavily on the Métro (Paris’s subway system) to get us long distances across the city. Although it’s possible to buy Métro tickets for individual trips […]

Dealing with airfare sticker shock

July 23rd, 2007

At our second-to-last visit to the French consulate in San Francisco, the agent told us that if our visa applications were accepted we’d need to present not only our passports, but one-way plane tickets to France before we’d be issued our visas. We didn’t think this would be a problem until we started looking at […]

Flying the furry skies: Transporting our cat to France

July 23rd, 2007

We knew from the start of our planning that we would take our cat Zora with us to France, we just weren’t sure how to make that happen. Many people were surprised when we told them she was coming with us, but it seemed the obvious choice to us. No matter how difficult it might […]